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​My name is Jane: Marketing Major, live streamer and sharer of life. I was born in Germany, grew up around the world and I now reside in the giant DFW metroplex. I am a content creator full-time, teach piano part-time, and try to be as creative as possible all of the time.

I started my interweb endeavors in October 2007 on Justin.TV (a long-since obsolete streaming service) as a lifecaster. In 2008 I adventured alongside 99 other agents in Ford's Fiesta Movement. I've represented the early live streaming community on TV and in the newspaper and have evolved myself into an internet chef, gamer, craft-person, mystery toy opener on TikTok and musician.

2009 TV Interview during the Fiesta Movement

2019 TwitchCon Twitch Yearly mention about long-time streamers

2019 TwitchCon Twitch Yearly Charity Streamer Shout Out

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